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Tailor-Made Sandals Reinvented - 3D Printed for Ultimate Comfort and Style

With URBNC3 you will get tailor-made sandals based on cutting-edge 3D technologies. 

Simply scan your feet with your smartphone and choose your individual style.


Perfect for a sustainable, healthy and urban lifestyle.

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Official launch coming soon! 

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Perfect fit thanks to latest technologies and automation

Tailor-made sandals that are designed specifically for your feet - thanks to advanced 3D technologies and automation. 

Simply scan your feet with your mobile phone and get your tailored sandals. Each sandal will follow your individual foot shapes, and a custom arch support will be added to your natural foot bed.

  • Detection of high arches & flat feet

  • Individually & ergonomically corrected foot bed

  • Individual shape and size for each foot

  • Focus on long-term well-being

Modular design for your personal style

Design your sandals according to your personal taste. Choose the colors of all individual components, the type of your shoe soles and of the straps - whether you like chunky or slim shoe soles, straps with extra metal buttons or velcro, eye-catching or subtle style.

With changeable straps, you can express your own style matching to your current mood and outfit - with just one pair of shoe soles! 

  • Choose the colors of all components

  • Shoe soles: chunky vs. slim

  • Straps: metal buttons vs. velcro

  • Interchangeable straps for variations

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Innovation from Switzerland - for a sustainable future

As a Swiss startup, we strive to meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. We use materials that are bio-based, industrially compostable or recyclable. We take back worn shoes for recycling and upcycling of the components. 

We are the first commercial supplier to offer shoe soles 3D printed using bio-based raw material. 

  • Production in Europe

  • Research & Development in Switzerland

  • Sustainable materials like apple leather & bio-based TPU

  • Return worn-out sandals for us to reuse the components

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